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    Business Service Plans
    Like having a marketing department on retainer.
    Starting at $19.95 you can purchase a set of services that you can use in any combination. Whether it's print or logo design - website updating or maintenance, the usage is totally up to you. It’s like having a Marketing Department on retainer.
    Plan-A, B or C we should have a plan to fulfill your needs.
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    Web Design Services
    add-ons • seo • googleanalytics • social media
    Starting at $485 we’ll design you a personal, CMS based website. This price doesn’t include the business/corporated website but we are willing to work within your budget with creative financing.
    Join one of our service plans for additional savings
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    Print Design Services
    Whatever your printing needs are, we can design it.
    Starting at $34.95 per hour we will provide you with professional graphic design services with over 25 years experience. We will deliver to you press-ready artwork or we can print it for you.
    Join one of our service plans for additional savings

Plans Details

We make it affordable for you to compete in the marketplace of ideas.

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Website Hosting

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ticket-icon_webhostingPersonal Web Hosting cheaper than a Gallon of Gas! One Year at $3.50 per/mo. Limited Time Offer.

Logo Design

Proper branding may result in higher sale for many products associated with one brand.

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About Point-Savannah Design

With over 50 years of combined experience in Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development and Marketing; Point-Savannah™ will help you reach the next level, whatever that may be for you.  A true multi-media company, we will deliver to you a complete package.